"I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 25 years..(with) migratory joint pain-deep, sharp, shooting nonstop 24/7. I take serious pain meds. I have tried years of acupuncture, self hypnosis, biofeedback, anti depressants, anti seizure meds, etc etc etc... I had read about the BAUD in my local paper... I was a total skeptic since placebo effect does not work on me. But I was miserable, so I tried it. Two hours after I left the office the pain was GONE! I still wasn't convinced. I went to bed that night and slept for 12 hours straight and had NO PAIN for the next 14-18 hours. I was stunned! Amazed! Mindboggled! I actuality took a pain killer just because I was afraid I'd start going through withdrawal! THANK YOU!!!!!"

— Carol E., Longboat Key, FL

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Psychoneuroplasticity Protocols for Addictions offers core and cutting edge understandings of addictions, personhood, and treatment, unifying wisdom of traditional healing at the precipice of exponential advances in technology...

— John T. Chirban, PhD
Harvard Medical School

The Baud, as demonstrated on The Doctors television show.