Bob tried so many drugs and therapies he gave up on the VA. Nights were living hell... he'd wake up swinging wildly. Carolyn... made her skeptical but depleted husband schedule a (BAUD) appointment... Bob came home and slept through the night for the first time since Carolyn could remember... "If I never experience another miracle in my lifetime," she says, "this is it."

Tampa Herald-Tribune
Aug. 22, 2015

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Normalizing neural function brings rapid relief to a wide variety of symptoms

"A client came to me suffering from flashbacks from having a gun pointed to her head by a former intimate. The client's SUD was a 10+ at the beginning of the session. After 15 minutes on the BAUD her SUD went to a 3. She continued to improve and in a short time reported the flashbacks were gone and she was sleeping thru the night."

     — KVB, PhD, Richardson,TX

"I have been using the BAUD in my private practice for about three years. It took some time and persistence to catch on, but I find the results now to be amazing... It seems to work more quickly than EMDR. My patients, for the most part, love the intervention and we have successfully used it to treat PTSD, panic disorder, depression, somatic pain, ease chronic pain, and manage cravings...I'm so glad to had the BAUD in my toolbox."

     — Katherine Billiot, Psy.D. Ormond Beach, Florida

"I was reluctant to believe it (the BAUD) worked, suspecting my problem with trichotillomania would recur as it had so many times over decades. But over subsequent days, I noticed a difference in my behavior and reduced anxiety. My hair is full again. For the first time since my youth, I can wear a longer hair style instead of cutting-in layers to mask the issue. Thank you for this revolutionary product!!"

     — name withheld by request

"I used BAUD with a client yesterday. He had a phenomenal experience and emailed to let me know the experience was absolutely life changing. In 20 minutes he was able to resolve disabling anger and pain he has harbored for years..he emailed again today with subjective rating of "1" (down from original "10") and still holding."

     — Denver Institute of Neurotherapy

"I use BAUD as part of a comprehensive, intensive outpatient treatment for the reduction of substance craving for patients with cocaine or cannabis addiction. I use it in these patients one day a week for the first month or more to help to obtain the goal of total abstinence. One treatment with BAUD helps patients to reduce the intensity and the frequency of persistent subjective symptoms of cravings for these substance forĀ about one week or more."

     — Arnaldo Cruz Igartua MD, Specialized in General Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry, Puerto Rico

"I was treating a client that was in a MVA 6 months prior. I used the BAUD on her second visit and she had immediate relief from her headache for the first time in months."

     — Linda Craig, Physical Therapist, Puyallup, WA

"I have been using the BAUD for 5 years as my go to modality for quick relief and I have found success with plantar faciitis, shoulder, back, knee and abdominal pain. Personal issues like nail biting, uncontrolled anger, addiction to video games/computers, cravings - all diminish or are gone in 1-3 sessions."

     — Dr. Cherylee Lisonbee, Chiropractic Physician & Neurotherapist, Pinedale, Arizona

"I suffered from severe, daily headaches following brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. - even 8 months after the operation. I used the BAUD one time for about 15 minutes. Here it is 2 weeks later, and I haven't had one headache since - zero pain!"

     — M.S., Omaha, NE

"I'm positively surprised with the clinic results obtained through this equipment. After the first session applying the BAUD, (an obese patient) started losing weight, and now she has lost 22 kgs (48 lbs)."

     — Dra. Catarina de Castro Lopes, Director of Psicologa Clinica na White in Lisbon, Portugal

"My clients have used the BAUD and found it quite helpful. In some cases, it truly has been a one-session cure. I have used it with clients with alcohol addictions and clients with eating disorders."

     — Linda Brownback, M.A., a psychologist in Allentown, Pennsylvania